Thursday, March 13, 2008

About me

Hello! My name is Christy and I live in beautiful northern California. I have two wonderful boys, the best husband, two adorable dogs, and one independent kitty cat. You could say we are a busy family. When the boys are out of school we enjoy camping...

We have been to Yosemite, the Redwoods, Fort Bragg, Mendocino, Cachuma Lake in Santa Barbara County, the Sequoias, Redding, and hope to get up to Diamond Lake in Oregon as well as to many other areas.

We also enjoy going on cruises with the kids. What an awesome experience for the boys to see other countries and areas they wouldn't normally get to see! This past October we took a seven night Mexican Riviera Cruise and what an awesome adventure that was! We walked around in Puerta Vallarta, took a driving tour in Mazatlan (highly recommended if you go there) and walked around in Cabo. Check out my cruising blog for photos from the cruise.

Our two dogs are the most fun. They are both miniature dachshunds. Lou is 4 years old and is a piebald colored sweety. Copper is a red dog who thinks he is human. Talk about personality! They have been the best dogs for our family. They love camping with us, Lou handles car rides great but Copper gets car sick though. Their favorite pasttime is to curl up and sleep on the couch. Aren't they adorable?!?!

I would love to read about your favorite pets! I want to read what you have to say! I will respond to questions you may have as soon as possible. Now I am going to go curl up with my dogs and watch my kids play! Have a good night and I look forward to your posts!

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