Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hello Fellow Dog Lovers!

Good morning! Well, I just wanted to leave a post to tell you some exciting news! if you haven't been here for awhile, take a look around! I am excited to announce that I am affiliated with some great new companies! On this blog you will see links and adds for some pretty useful stuff. At the time of writing we are preparing to take our dogs on a fun camping trip. I will post photos of them and the campground when we return. On Easter they followed us around the yard as we hid eggs for our boys to find. When the boys began searching, those two little rascals (the dogs) kept going back to where we hid eggs as though they were trying to show the kids where to find them! Well, my dad and his fiance have a newish dog that has a personality similar to his old dog Dusty. She is Border Collie/ Australian Shepherd mix and the only problem they have with her is this: She likes to leave the yard to go play with neighborhood children. She is allowed in the house as she pleases because they have a doggy door. She gets lots of attention from home but then she will just take off! Soon they get a phone call from down the street and she has gone over someones fence into their backyard to play with the kids. Anyone have any suggestions to help stop this and keep her home? I would love to read them. I can pass them on to my dad if you have any ideas that might help!

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