Friday, March 21, 2008

Preparing Your Dog For The New Baby

You've been trying for awhile and you are finally pregnant! Congratulations! This is a very exciting time in your life. You will be having lots of visitors. Lots of doctors appointments, doing lots of shopping and preparing for baby. You will also being going through a lot of emotional changes. In all the excitement you can't forget your best friend. I'm talking about the four legged kind of course! Up until now they have been your child. They have gotten all your attention and love. So what can you do to prepare them for the new baby?
Before the baby is born you can make sure the dog gets to see the changes taking place in the house. While they might not understand you can talk to them while you work painting the nursery and setting up the new furniture. You will need to decide now how you feel about the dog spending time in baby's room. When allowed to be involved and supervised at all times, a dog can be very helpful in watching over baby.
The day has come and you go to the hospital to deliver! You will be in the hospital for a couple of days usually. This is a great time for your significant other to take the next step in preparing your dog for the new baby. Your little one will be wearing a little outfit in the hospital. When the baby's clothes are changed ask the nurse to put the outfit in a bag for your husband to take home. At home he can let your dog smell the clothes. This will familiarize your dog with the baby's scent. When you bring baby home have someone hold your dog back just enough that she can smell the baby's foot and recognize the scent. You will need to supervise all contact between dog and baby. Most importantly, when you go out for a walk with your new baby, don't forget the dog!
Please remember to continue giving your dog as much love and attention as possible so they don't feel abandoned by you. These suggestions can help you, your baby and your dog remain a loving family for years to come!
Christy Tuller is an expert on several topics and a dog lover.

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