Friday, April 25, 2008

Dog Training - Completely Essential

When you buy a puppy Labrador and don't train him weird things will happen. While at home the dog will chew your slippers, pull the clothes line down, scratch your priceless beanbag and drool all over the house. To avoid this chaos if you lock him up in a small cage to avoid the house from being turned upside down when you are away, the consequences may not hit you immediately but soon your neighbors will come pelting down on you to take care of your dog better. This will probably not be from a grave concern that all mankind has towards animals but from the you're your affectionate cur becomes a beast when he is alone and barks - woof, woof, WOOF, WOOF, bow, bow, woof, wooooof, and on and on it goes! He will bark at all kinds of noises whether they are footsteps, rustling leaves, talking noises or a grinder. He will also bark out of frustration, loneliness, anger, hunger, discomfort and fear. To sum it he will bark all the time!
Even when such people are at home they let their dogs rot in the corner of the room to whimper while they surf the Internet for some ludicrous irrelevant sites and leave the so-called pampered pets to brood. They consider slugging in front of the idiot box more important than taking the dog for a walk or training him. People like these have probably never heard of sites and books that provide tips on how to train dogs to be discerning enough to know the difference between regular noises and a sound that means danger. These ignorant fools probably think that is a place to find preposterous reading material. could just be another site talking about marshal arts. They narcissist perverts probably do not realize that this very article is not all about them but about creatures who are likely to be smarter than them in reality.
The fact is that you can read millions of general and specific dog training books to understand the animal and train him to adjust to surroundings that are unnatural for him. These books have detailed sections on what to feed various breeds and sizes of dogs, how to keep them clean, what their exercising necessities are, how to keep from turning YOUR house into a doghouse and most of all how to provide security, affection and motivations to you.
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