Monday, April 21, 2008

Flyball Training - It's All About The Treat

What motivates your dog? You must know this to successfully train your dog to be a flyball dog.
Is what motivates your dog a treat? If so, what kind? Is it a toy? If so, which one? Maybe it's a game of tug o' war or a wrestling match. Whatever it is, you must use what motivates your dog as the treat that awaits your dog after each new learned behavior.
It's also very important that your dog knows what the reward is. The treat, or the toy, or the game must be there each and every time for your dog. The treat is the target. If you train without a target, your dog will not be focused. Training will not be effective and your dog will be unmotivated.
Your dog needs the treat as a target to focus on during each stage of training.
In the beginning, when your dog is learning the basics, a treat must be waiting after each behavior in the chain. Your dog needs to have a reason to perform each behavior. That reason is the treat.
Once your dog has learned all the behaviors in the chain and can successfully run the course and bring the ball to you, then one treat after running the course is enough. That one treat will be the focus for your dog to run the entire sequence and bring you the ball.
When both you and your dog know what the treat is and it's always there waiting, then your dog knows why he's there. That's his motivation.
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