Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Look Who Went Camping!

Well, we made it back home! There were a lot of dogs out there camping with their owners. It was fun to watch! While I didn't get to meet all of them I do have a few photos for you to see! Take a look!

These two are mine. Copper and Lou are just hanging out. We keep a small pen for them so they don't have to be tied up on leashes all the time. Good thing because they really wanted to chase the peacocks!

This gentleman here is Levi. He was camping with his owners and his little brother next to us. Levi is a very large dog but I guess you could say he is a gentle giant.

This would be Aries, Levi's "little" brother. The two were so well behaved and their mom and dad even had these special cots for them to sleep on when they were outside!

"Where are we going dad? Huh Huh?"

Just out for a walk one fine evening!

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