Sunday, April 27, 2008

More photos of my dogs!

These are just a few pictures of my dogs. We still have the two Doxies but the Australian Shepherd is gone. He passed away at the age of 4 due to a rare blood disease. They said he was probably born with it and something triggered it. Basically his immune system was attacking his own blood cells. When he woke up one morning he was very lethargic and couldn't keep food or water down. The night before he was fine by the way. By that afternoon, his skin and eyes had turned yellow and he was urinating blood. At the vet, they checked his blood and his red cell count was way down. They had slowed it down with steroids and said that we could keep him alive on steroids until the next attack which could be days or months away, but he wouldn't be the same dog again. We felt that it wasn't fair to him, or the kids, to keep him on steroids when his quality of life would never be the same and another attack was imminent. So we said our goodbyes. We still miss him greatly. he was one of those dogs that talks back to you when you say something to him. He loved going for rides in the truck and going camping. My oldest son loved to play fetch with him and he would always go up on the playset with them as though he was just one of the kids! Our mini Doxie Lou would always cuddle up and sleep on top of him. I will find and post photos of that as well. It was very adorable. We have two mini doxies now and we love them very much. We have been asked if we would like a chocolate Lab that my husband's coworker is trying to find a home for. He is about two years old and while I haven't mey him, my husband says he is a good dog. I am thinking about it because I know my son would like to have a dog to play fetch with again. Any opinions? Should we meet the dog and see if he gets along with the family or just forget it and hope he finds a good home elsewhere. I wonder........

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Joey and Maggie said...

Lou is a beauty and looks a lot like Joey! Nice blog, btw.

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