Monday, April 28, 2008

New dog.......maybe

So, we've decided to give it a shot. My husband is going to bring home Jack, a Chocolate Lab, tomoorow and we will see how he gets along with Copper and Lou and the rest of the family. I may not be posting tomoorow as I will be busy monitoring the boys in the back yard. Jack needs a new home because his current home doesn't have a big enough yard for him. We do. My oldest son has been wanting another big dog that he can play fetch with in the back yard because, well, doxies wear out pretty fast playing those games. If it all works out I will post some photos of Jack for everyone to see. He will become part of the family and will get to go on camping trips and have loads of fun with all of us. Who knows, he might even take a swim in the pool now and then. If he's never been in a pool, the first thing we will do is train him to find the steps so he can get out. From what I hear, he is around two years old, doesn't dig, doesn't chew, doesn't bark a lot, and is crate trained. I guess we will see when he gets here. The deciding factor will be with Copper and Lou, they tend to have short dog syndrome. Lou has been friends with a big dog before but Copper has not. If they can get along tomorrow then i think we will have a new member of the family. As far as Jack is concerned he currently lives with two Chihuahuas so he should be aware of the short dog syndrome. I will keep you posted, but probably not tomorrow morning anyway. Well, wish us luck!

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