Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals

Going somewhere cool and exciting for the summer, looking for that perfect vacation rental ... oh, but you want to take you cat or your favorite dog, after it's part of who you are and it just wouldn't be right or fair to leave them behind. Well, it is true as they say in the vacation rental business, no two places are alike and often attempting to compare them is hard to do and if you try to judge by price you will often get your feelings hurt.
Perhaps you have seen that TV commercial where a couple goes away for the summer on their Honeymoon to a beach paradise and finds a place for half the price, then they look out the window and the view is not of the beach, but rather a grave yard, where two guys are busy burying a body? Funny huh, well not if that happens to you, which is the point of the commercial. Now back to the subject of taking Fluffy or your dog Bear?
Most vacation rentals do not allow animals or pets, but some do, many times the ones that do are rather scruffy properties, run down and of course, the rental agency or owners do not care if you take your pet, because the place is already trashed, smells and no one else would be willing to shell out that kind of money for the summer with such a dismal appearance, see the problem?
One vacation rental I went to for the summer with my dog, Bear, yes that is his real name, was great, it had everything I wanted and the back yard was basically the Redwood Forest with trails starting literally from there. I talked to another vacation renter there for the summer at the local coffee shop with a far worse story, she brought her dog too, and the vacation rental she got was also a dog, we laughed and I said what should we name it; Scruffy!
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