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Dog Whining - How To Stop Dog Whining In Your Adult Dog

If your dog is a whiner, chances are that this behavior started during puppyhood. He used to whine, you'd react and he soon learned that whining was the way to get what he needed. Now that he is an adult however, this whining has become a pain. The good news is that an old dog can be caught new tricks. In this article, we'll teach you about whining and what to do about it.
First of all, you must understand that some whining is inherent. Puppies whine it to inform their mothers that they need something and adult dogs do it to get what they want too. The key in dealing with whining is to realize that there are many reasons dogs whine including they're hurt and in pain, upset,afraid or anxious, need to go outside, or are bored and need stimulation
Second, how you react to his whining will either reinforce or stop it. If his whining is justified then there may be little that you can do except take care of his need. If it isn't justified then you'll have to take care of his needs before you can expect him to stop whining.
But, how do you tell why he's whining? Here's some clues:
He's Hurt and In Pain
For instance, if he starts whining all of a sudden and it gets louder, he may be in pain. If so, check him out. This can be done by rubbing your hands along his legs and giving his joints a little squeeze. Be gentle. Look for signs that he is in pain. For instance, see if his paw is hurt or if he is favoring a certain side of his body. Do you see any cuts? Do you see any blood? Do you see anything at all that can be causing him to whine? If you cant figure it out but suspect that he is whining because of pain, have him evaluated by a professional veterinarian to ease your mind and his pain.
He's Lonely and Needs Stimulation
If he's lonely he will probably follow you around like a lost pooch or pace the room like a little maniac. He will seem to be in a trance not knowing what to do next. In this instance, you should take him outside for a quick walk and then exercise him vigorously. You can also give him some new toys to play with or spend some one on one time with him.
He's Scared and Needs Comforting
This whining occurs when there a storm or something out of the ordinary happening. In this instance, try to alleviate his fears. Encourage him and tell him that everything will be fine by speaking softly and not overacting. Don't pat, hug, or coo at him. This will only make the situation worse. Instead, comfort him and move on.
He Needs to Go Outside
If he needs to go outside - take him outside and let him go. This means that you've done a good job of training him not to potty inside. This is an accomplishment in itself.
In conclusion, by understanding why dogs whine, you can help your dog overcome the situation. Just be diligent in your efforts and understand that some whining is needed. By satisfying those needs, you'll be able to alleviate the whining.
Good luck!
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