Thursday, May 15, 2008

Miniature Dachshund Possibly Saved Girl From German Shepherd

Wow what a week for this miniature dachshund! While my 2 human puppy's friend was going back to her house a big German Shepherd broke his chain and started running at the poor screaming friend. I had to do something. I also knew that the big dog could not get around or over the fence around my yard. So I started barking and growling telling the big dog to go after some one his own species and size. The big dog then ran at the fence and away from the human girl. The girl ran back to her house and she was OK. The dog never made it to her because of me. The big dog then put his paw onto my fence and I nipped at it and told him to get lost. My owner then came out and took me inside to protect the big dog from me since I am so tough and the big dogs owner came and took it home.
Then a couple of days after that I got my little friend those humans get every month. My owners were excited for some reason and then they told me why. They said that I was going to have puppies with Mr. Growley, my boyfriend from lonesome dachshund. I thought, "Whoa, wait up! What about my girlish figure and my weight? I am to good looking to have puppies." Then I thought about it and my human mommy had a couple of puppies and she got a better figure than before she had puppies and my human daddy says that she is hot. I could do this puppy thing if they did and they turned out better and happier than before.
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