Thursday, May 1, 2008

Understanding Dog Crate Training - House Training Your Dog Using A Crate

Most dog trainers, veterinarians and other pet professionals advice, is the most effective way to training a dog. It is can also be a helpful part of an indoor potty training program for dogs who will be paper training.
Also, this training is safe way when you traveling with him,crate can be use to transport your dog as well can be protect in place he may not be welcome to run freely.
3 key tips to crate training a dog:
1 - Select crate - Choose the size depend on whether you have puppy or adult dog. Choose one that it is comfortable and get wide space for your dog to stand and move around, but make sure the crate cannot to big that it can use to eliminate.
2 - Place the crate in a social area of the house, like living room or dining room and place a crate pad and a bowl of water in it.
3 - Encourage your dog enter to the crate, try to throwing some treat to the crate, when she enter to the crate praise her, this way is effectively and safe for positive results in this training process.
Repeat 7- 10 days until your dog accustom and uses without help from you.
Do not put your dog in the crate for long periods of time. Leave your dog for no more 30 minutes at first,as long continue this training you can increase amount of time. You will also have to combine crate training with long walks, play and dog training.
If your dog have an accident in its crate, It is vital that you clean the crate out to remove the smell. Dog like to go to the bathroom in places they can smell that they have been previously.
House training your dog will be so much easier and faster by using the crate to teach your dog to wait until being taken outside, but also to be more comfortable when you are out avoiding any accidents in home.
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