Wednesday, June 25, 2008

4 Symptoms of Sick Dog Behavior

We worry about our best friends...don't we. They're definitely part of the family to us and we want them to be happy and healthy to enjoy there life. But sometimes you get the feeling that maybe somethings just not right. You don't know exactly. Maybe they don't have the "spunk" lately that they once had. Maybe at times they become erratic and you notice they start to exhibit behaviors that you normally don't see in them. They start to exhibit symptoms of sick dog behavior.
Whatever it may be, it's a concern that worries you and you want to find a solution to get your best friend feeling back to normal again.
I'm not a veterinarian, and I'm not going to pretend to be. But as a dog lover and the owner of my Lab (Alley), that I've loved and taken care of for over six years. I've learned a few things that may help you out when dealing with symptoms of sick dog behavior.
Dry Nose
Usually when you see your buddy looking like she's down or depressed gently touch the tip of her nose (gently). If her nose is dry it means she's probably feeling a little under the weather. Maybe he/she's not getting enough exercise or the additives in store bought dog food are drying her out.
Weight Gain / Weight Lose
Another one of the symptoms of sick dog behavior is a significant increase or decrease in weight.I once took Alley into the Vet because she was scratching like crazy. The vet said it was an allergic reaction to the crab grass growing out on my front lawn. He gave her pills to take. Within a week of taking the pills she blew up like a balloon. I would say she gained a good ten pounds. Make sure if you do take your dog to the vet you keep in constant contact with him if you notice anything "not right" or out of the ordinary.
Eratic Actions
Is your dog acting in a way that you perceive as unusual, different, erratic? First ask yourself have there been any changes in his/her life and in your life. Dogs are very, very, very perceptive and sensitive to changes in there environment, also in the emotional environment of the household.
Is there another dog or person that's not around anymore? Are you taking on any extra stress on the job which may result in the fact that you're not spending as much time with her/him as you once did? Has there been a new addition to the family? Has anyone left the household recently?.
Dogs are very sensitive to changes going on around them and any one of these reasons could result in symptoms of sick dog behavior.
Depression is a common symptom of sick dog behavior. We need to get out and play with them on a regular basis. Depression can result from lack of exercise, being couped up in the house all day, changes of weather and climate, maybe a feeling of neglect.
It's really important to trust your feelings and watch your dog closely. If you suspect he/she's not feeling right or somethings wrong but you're not sure what, it's important to find the solutions so your friend can get back to feeling healthy, vibrant and happy to give you and her a life of fulfillment. Treat your best friend right and she'll treat you right.
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