Saturday, June 14, 2008

Beagle Rescue Dogs Deserve a Second Chance

You've seen the news reports and horror stories about the horrible conditions dogs in puppy mills are subjected to. You may also know that puppy mill puppies supply all pet stores that sell puppies - THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. You are ready to bring a dog into your home, but can't get a cute puppy with the mind of a blank slate for you to fill in the instructions. You've decided to get a dog from a shelter or rescue. This saves a life and helps out a charity you care about.
For their many wonderful pet qualities, you've decided to adopt a Beagle or Beagle-mix. Beagles are often recommended by dog books, dog trainers, veterinarians and the American Kennel Club as a great "beginner" family dog. But can a Beagle rescue dog make just as good a pet as one you've raised from a puppy? You bet your dog biscuits they can!
A good Beagle rescue center will give you an extensive background on your Beagle rescue dog's history, medical condition and any behavior quirks. You will also have to provide a lot of Beagle information yourself - including having a home check and personal reference check. It's too bad pet stores and Internet sites that sell puppies never do these extensive checks, or there would be a lot less need for dog shelters.
You will never be able to just drive up to a Beagle rescue center or foster home and immediately drive away with the dog. And if it does happen, run very far away! There is something really fishy going on! You will feel like you are being put through a college course on Beagle Information 101. This is to be absolutely sure you and the dog are adequately matched and will stay together. The center hopes to not get the dog back.
All Beagle rescue dogs are individuals. There will always be one who hasn't read the official Beagle Information Handbook. But Beagles are highly trainable and will move mountains for food. There is no problem with a Beagle rescue dog that can't be cured. Beagles are not known for viciousness to people or other dogs. Your Beagle rescue center will be happy to help you with any problems. Just ask them.
The most common problems with Beagle rescue dogs are overeating, ripping apart trash for food, wandering and separation anxieties. Since Beagles are small, you should easily be able to keep food out of reach and spraying the trash can with bitter apple (used to deter chewing.) Never leave your Beagle unsupervised in the yard. Combined with regular exercise, this should cure wandering. Leaving your dog in one room when you are gone with a shirt you recently wore to help ease separation anxiety. This is a more complex problem, but curable.
Michelle Adams is someone who has researched many breeds of dogs, including the Beagle. Since breeding brings certain instincts and behaviors into play with different types of dogs understanding the history of your []Beagle will better equip you to work with your new pet. There is plenty of []Beagle information available including the interesting history of your pet. Articles like this and interviews with experts in the field will help you to understand where your Beagle came from and why he acts the way he does.

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