Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dog Breed Selection - A Guide to Your Perfect Companion

Adding any new pet, especially a dog, to your family is always exciting. But the smart thing to do before making this purchase (or adoption) is to do some research about the diverse breeds of dogs that there are. Here we will discuss some fundamentals about how to choose the correct dog breed for your family, and what to think about your lifestyle before choosing a dog.
Research is essential in order to pick the right breed. This is not a decision that can be made hastily.As you do your research, think about the breed temperament that would fit best in your family. Think about things like how time you are at home..A dog that requires a lot of exercise would not fit into a home where you are not there a lot. . but if you are an outdoors type person, it would be good to choose a breed that thrives on activity.
There are some more things to think about:
What type of home do you have? Do you have a large yard? Do you rent, and if so, does your landlord allow dogs? Bigger dogs require more room to run than smaller dogs. Will your dog live in the house or out side? There are dogs that don't do well living outside. If your plan is to keep your dog outside, be certain you select a breed that is accustomed to living outside.
Think also about the members of your family. If there are children in the house, pick a breed that is tolerant of kids. Also, be aware that little children may unintentionally injure toy dog breeds.
Do you have other animals in your home? Some dogs get along well with other pets. However, some dog breeds don't like being with other animals.
These are things to consider before choosing a certain breed.. It takes a little effort to find out about dog breeds, but when you do discover your perfect dog, you'll be happy you took the time to do the research.
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