Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dog Clothes and Accessories - Fashion Apparel Too Fun For Owners

What started with a desire to be unique transformed into an almost disbelief. Fashion designers take dog apparel to levels of luxury. Trendy style or versatile attire, clothes for canine can be as creative as the owner's imagination. Cute sports clothes for boys, and dresses for the girls. Oh, yes. We are too are exploring the world of fashion apparel for puppy and dog, big or small.
Just received the dog clothes gift certificate. Who's the gift for? There's a wedding in the planner, formal outfits with tails included. Accessories? Yes, ordered the shoes, hairpins, jewelry. Changing at the reception into a funny t-shirt. When the party moves to the outdoors, grab raincoats. Swan-filled ponds are made for bathing only when wearing this fashion season's swimming suit.
When it's all been shaking the boots are coming off at the pet friendly hotel. Must get up early for a walk with the happy couple. What to wear? Just toss in the stylish vest with the matching leash. Pack the loungewear pajamas please 'cause this dog's tired and taking the bed.
So many clothes, so little time. What? The holidays can't be already? Here's the list, a fancy leather collar and a new coat. Not the dog hair, silly, the warm coats found online. When shopping for the masquerade ball, remember last year's hotdog costume was not funny. Think adorable and comfortable and maybe it won't be shredded this year. Remember to order that fabulous designer sweater for the family portrait from the posh boutique.
What's that? You say that you're not up to date on the haute? Don't fret. Accessories make the mutt. Every owner must begin somewhere; that somewhere starts with the basics. Don't just buy a collar - order fancy. Dogs are made for walkin'- add a matching lead or your stylish intentions will be for not. Do the hair ladies; decorate with sparkly crystals if you want.
Look at the shirts only when you're ready. Why? Once you've ordered one there's no looking back. Before you know it, you'll be saving webpages into your favorites to visit again later.
Who's dogs are spoiled? Shhh. They don't know they're ANIMALS. And so what if they are. Owners are having too much fun collecting clothes.
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Debbie Readinger is the owner and writer for a dog supplies and puppy accessories online resource guide. Looking for some fun fashion for your canine? Visit Here you will find many different styles of Dog Clothes and Apparel Accessories.

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