Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dog Training Myths Exposed - Should You Really Avoid These Things?

There is a lot of information floating around out there on how to train your dog, so I thought it would be important to focus on some of the myths that I have found in my experience to simply not be true.
1) Don't feed your dog "people" food
I never understood this one. So what if I want to treat my dog to a hamburger? I think the important thing here is to set clear limits, and not have your dog expect you to share your lunch with him or her every meal.
2) Don't play tug of war with your dog
I also don't understand where this came from. You want to be careful with older dogs though, you don't want teeth falling out!
3) Don't let your dog sleep in your bed
Now this is just plain ridiculous! If you like to cuddle with your pet at night, that's certainly fine. I have not seen it do any type of damage to the dog. It is a nice opportunity for the two of you to be closer.
4) Don't let your dog on your couch, furniture, etc.
I think the important thing to keep in mind here is that your dog listens to you. If you are okay with him or her being on the couch, that's great. But if you ask him or her to get down, there needs to be obedience. If not, correct this right away so you are able to maintain control over the behavior.
Dog training really isn't that hard, just make sure you are consistent!
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