Monday, August 4, 2008

Foods Your Dog Shouldn't Have and Why

While it is important to know what you should feed your dog, it is equally important to know what you shouldn't. Dogs can eat many of the same things humans do, but there are some foods that can potentially make your dog ill if you aren't careful.
One thing people don't often think of is baby food. This can be toxic to dogs if it contains onion powder. Even if it doesn't, it doesn't contain the nutrition required by a dog.
Alcohol is an obvious one. It can cause coma, intoxication and even death in some cases with relatively small amounts. While some people may think it's funny to give dogs alcohol, it can be extremely unhealthy for the animal. Tobacco can also result in similar effects as it contains nicotine which the dog can't handle.
Anything that contains caffeine can be toxic for a dog and may even cause some problems with the nervous system. This includes chocolate and tea.
Onions can also be toxic for dogs as it can damage their red blood cells. Garlic can have the same effect but is less potent.
It's also not a good idea to give your dog salt, as like with humans it can cause problems if eaten in large amounts.
These are just some of the foods that can make your dog ill. The most important thing to remember is if you're not sure about whether a food is safe, don't give it to your dog. If you have any doubts then you can always contact your local vet just to be sure.
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