Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dachshund Dog Breed

The AKC first recognized the Dachshund nearly a century ago. The dog has been well adopted by North American culture and it is consistently ranked as one of the top five registered breeds. The Dachshund is a member of the hound family and easily recognized by its small size, long body, tiny legs and a pointed face.
The Dachshund has a long and interesting history. In the 15th Century, it was widely used to flush out other wild animals like the badger. Over the years, it became known that this dog had attributes of being friendly and devoted. Soon it became an adopted animal and widely became a pet in many European households. The dog is frequently entered in the competitive trials and shows both in North American and Europe.
The Dachshund makes a great pet and is suited for most families. Despite its size, it is very adventurous and bold. While it prefers the indoors as a pet, it also as an instinct for the outdoors and loves to dig and sniff. When outdoors, the dog does tend to have an independent character- it does have a habit of wandering off- but will always return. The chief reason the Dachshund makes a good pet is its temperament. It is a faithful dog and loves children. However, one does have to be careful when introducing small children which are unknown to the household. While not mean, the dog is quite protective of the family.
The dog also has a great awareness of strangers and does bark a lot. Despite its size, it does make a great watch dog and will instantly become aroused in the presence of strangers.
Upkeep and Maintenance
The Dachshund is an active dog and requires a far amount of exercise. While it does make a great apartment dog, it also prefers to be outdoors. Unlike the large dogs, the dachshund prefers to go for long walks on a leash. Over the decades it has been noticed that this breed of dogs is extremely intelligent. Thus, many owners love to teach this dog tricks and groom it for shows and trials.
The one minor negative of the Dachshund is its temperament and stubbornness. It does have a short attention span due to its increased energy. Sometimes it can be stubborn and simply refuses to listen. However, like most dogs, proper training makes the Dachshund a wonderful pet dog. Once acquired as a puppy, this dog will remain faithful forever and become a part of the family.
Like all dogs, some care of the dog is required to make it look nice. Grooming is only done once or twice a week. If you take the dog outdoors, then perhaps a bath once a week would not be a bad idea either.
Health Information
As a pet, the Dachshund can live for up to 12 and 14 years. Unlike many other dogs, the dog is relatively free of medical problems, except for one. Because of its long back, it is prone to problems of the spine or disc. Other rare concerns which do develop include diabetes, Cushing's disease, deafness, seizures and joint problems. Some dog experts recommend that after the age of 6, the eyes should be regularly checked. If the Dachshund is exercised regularly and fed appropriately, obesity should not be of a concern.
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