Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dog Camp: The Ultimate Vacation for Dogs and Their Humans

by , Feb 7, 2008
Are you looking for a stimulating, yet relaxing, place to bond with your dog? Take a look at this unique camp for dogs.
Could you and your canine use a vacation? Sometimes both you and your dog need to escape the hectic rat race for a few blissful days of rest and relaxation. Now, there's a way for you to do it as a team in an environment that's designed for the well being of both dog and human. The idea of camps for dogs and their humans has arrived and it appears to be thriving.
If you don't mind taking a trip to Sun Valley, Idaho, you can experience a relaxing, yet stimulating week of canine bonding and companionship at a special dog haven called Camp Fideaux. Sun Valley has always been a dog friendly area and this camp for dogs is no exception. You and your dog can sleep in pet friendly lodging and awaken to a stimulating alpine hike where you'll discover the stunning scenery that gives Sun Valley its reputation as being a little paradise on earth.
While Camp Fideaux may not be the only camp for dogs, it strives to be one of the best. Your dog will enjoy the enthusiastic greeting the canine loving staff gives him upon his arrival, while you'll appreciate the resort like atmosphere with all the amenities a human needs for comfort and rejuvenation. Some of the activities you can enjoy with your faithful canine companion at Camp Fideaux camp for dogs are state of the art dog training classes, dog massage services, dog walks, dog acupuncture, and even consultation with an animal communication specialist so you can better understand what your dog is thinking.
While many national parks and other hiking areas won't allow dogs on their trails, you'll have the opportunity at Camp Fideaux camp for dogs to take your four legged friend on long trail walks without being hampered by a leash requirement. You can drink in the beauty of the majestic Rocky Mountains while bonding with your four legged friend. After a brief rest and a hearty meal, explore the community of Sun Valley, home to a diversity of dogs and their devoted humans. This is a community known for being canine loving and pet friendly.
You'll discover that many of the outdoor cafes and local events such as concerts in Sun Valley welcome dogs. You and your pet will feel right at home in this canine friendly environment. The only problem is you or your dog may not want to return home after such a stimulating, yet relaxing, week of activities. Who knows? Maybe your attendance at this unusual camp for dogs will become a regular event.

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