Monday, September 15, 2008

Dogs Are Family

Do you love your dog? It's a simple question. Yes, or No. Let me be clear here. I love mine. Do you leave your dog outside? Do you go out to check on him only once in a while? Why is that? Do you think your dog is just an animal and doesn't deserve to be inside your house with you? Maybe you should look in your mirror with a pair of honest eyes. How would you feel if your family(or pack, if you prefer) put you outside of the house where you live? Think about it. I know that some will not understand that question. If you must put your dog outside, give him a doghouse, a place he can call his own. Don't put him on a chain. If you must contain him, use a kennel. They are cheap and easy to use.
Dogs are noble creatures. Always have been; Always will be. They deserve, from you, nothing else but your best, in thought and deed. They are loyal. It is your responsibility to provide for them, not just food and water, but love and kindness, praise when deserved and counseling where required. When they are pups, you must teach them your rules for living with you. You show them how to live in a house and keep it clean, how not to chew on important things and how not to bark unless it's necessary. They learn these rules, slowly sometimes, but willingly. You probably need to learn more about them, too. They have good moods, and bad ones. They have a sense of humor and they love to play. But they also know that there is a serious side of life. Dogs understand that. They seem to have a sense of when you or members of your family need to be cheered up. You should spend more time watching them interact with you and your family, because they are part of your family, too.
Ever since dogs have been domesticated, they have striven to learn about us humans. Dogs are natural voyeurs. They watch everything. Dogs have a special interest in the leader of your family, the "alpha", so to speak. If you pay attention, you'll notice that they follow you around and watch what you do. The nature of their curiosity is unknown to me, but it is there. I have no doubt about the intelligence of dogs. The question is, what are they after? What do they want? If you look in your heart, you might find out! My dogs live in my home with me and are a necessary part of my family. I have striven to learn about them. In the last twenty or so years, They have taught me how to be a better human being. For that, I will always be grateful.
Jim Hall is a Caveman from another millenium. He is an aspiring author and novelist wanna be. Writing for him is a change of character as well as occupation. Bear with him and he will grow and develop into a writing butterfly after his metamorphosis. He once was a carpenter caterpillar until he entered the chrysalis stage. Breaking out of the cocoon of a previous career is hard work but rewarding work. Like a butterfly, look for great things to come. You never know!
Find him in the Ezine Articles Author area. The sales pitch is he is eager to write and he needs cash. He is fairly literate and somewhat well read. Carpenters can read, you know!The real plus here is he is not bound by the conformity and whims of conventional thought. To him, functionality is beauty. If it works well, it's beautiful. It doesn't have to be pretty.
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