Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Puppies Are Cute

Dogs begin their emotional and physical development in the womb. It is important to watch what your pregnant dog eats and check to see that your dog is as comfortable and happy as possible. Playing is still important to the mother's well being. Ruff play is not recommended but careful play is. Using common sense about how much your dog can do. As long as she does not over due. She can be happy and healthy.
Check with your vet to decide what they can do. Everything the mother does affects the development of the fetus. The development of the pups is also affected by the position of pups in the womb. The pups in the middle of each horn of the uterus will more likely receive better nutrition than pups positioned else where. This can affect health and growth. The puppies in the womb may be influenced by the surrounding puppies. To protect the puppies before they are born. Make sure to have regular checkups.
If you have certain breeds it is even more important to watch their pregnancy because some dogs have more problems with birthing. Some breeds are too large for safely passing through the birth canal. Breeding may need to change for some dogs because of selective breeding. Some dogs such as the bull dog have trouble passing through the birth canal This is caused by a larger head. Dogs are wonderful. We all love our dogs and want the best for them. Dogs make us happy and are part of our family. We need to protect our dogs during their whole life time.
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