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Stirling Dog Care

by , Sep 5, 2008
Advice on how to have a well adjusted dog.

Talking from my own personal experience with our Rottweiler Hamish.
I have some valid tips on raising a good behaved dog.
Choosing your breed is very important as a dog breeds characteristics are different. Rottweilers for instance are very intelligent breeds with a very stubborn aloof attitude. They also want to be top dog and will challenge your mental strength regularly. Any sign of weakness will lower your pack status.
They will challenge in all sorts of ways (ie) refusing to eat, stealing food from the table of your child's hand,
Barging their way through your legs, even low tone growling to see if you will be soft enough to let them get away with it.
Do not accept this behaviour i advise that you say out in a firm but calm voice.
Then take your dog outside and shut him out in the garden alone for ten minutes.
When you let the dog in do not make any fuss of him as this will confuse the dog and he has to learn wrong from right behaviour.
Do not hit, kick or punch your dog as this is abuse and will turn your dog in to a nervous aggressive animal.
If you want your dog destroyed bad treatment will result in this . Do not be overly soft and soppy with your dog as you are lowering your pack status. If you are anything but top dog in your house your dog will treat you like dirt. Do not spoil your dog as will have the same bad effects.
You must consider the time you have before buying your dog as they need lots of walks.
Our Rottweiler hamish has 3 walks daily and at least half an hour at a time. Take your dog to a field or dog park so they can run off the leash. It wears them out and is more enjoyable for you and the dog.
An exercised dog is a happy dog. If they have too much energy they will become hyperactive and destructive. Good luck with training your dog. I hope my hints helped.

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