Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Dog

by , Aug 4, 2007
Dogs depend on their owner for companionship. Quality time spent with your dog is a relaxing and rewarding experience for you and your dog.

Take an early morning or evening walk with your dog. Stop and take notice of your surroundings just like your dogs does. You will become more aware of the little wonders that you may ordinarily overlook.
Spend some time grooming your dog. Dogs love pampering just as much as humans do.
Take your dog for a ride. Stop for a special treat along the way if possible.
There are many recipes for homemade dog treats. If time allows make some of these treats for your dog. If homemade goodies are not something you want to attempt there are dog bakeries in some areas or various online sources for special treats.
Curl up with a good book or DVD, let you dog lie in your lap or by your side as you read and stroke its fur. This can be relaxing for both of you. There are books that instruct you on how to massage your dog. That would be a book I'm sure your dog would like for you to read.
Reserve a portion of every day for play time with your dog.

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