Saturday, May 3, 2008

Designer Homes For Your Precious Pooch

In many houses pets are an extension of the family and people sometimes go out of their way to ensure that they get the best for their pets. Dogs are a popular choice for many who wish to own a pet. Some smaller breed of dogs are quite domesticated and enjoy being in human company especially children. They often make do with a small basket placed in one corner of the house or may even like to sleep in the children's bedrooms. However , in some cases where the dogs are bigger, not well trained or are of the ferocious kind it would be a better option to have them safely ensconced inside their own little homes or kennels.
You can find various kinds of dog house plans for your working dog or for your pet buddy. The designs generally feature comfort from climatic changes as these dog houses as built quite strong and with utmost comfort.
Do It Yourself Or Custom Made
Some really dedicated dog owners go to great lengths to make a cozy and comfortable dog house all by themselves. Starting with buying the required materials, to the painting and furnishing with basic necessities, they prefer to do it on their own. You will also get a lot of information on building dog houses, including dog house plans on the internet. Some websites also show you a video demonstration which is very convenient to refer as and when required.
Solihull custom dog houses are made for those who have no inclination of either doing it themselves or picking from the multitude of designs available. They may want to design it on their own and have it made or they may call in professional help to have a dog house designed and made.
Simple Dog House Or Status Symbol
You will be surprised how many affluent families are always trying to be one up over the others. From classy bungalows to flashy cars they are always looking out for a better model than the neighbors. Some don't spare the dog houses either. Dogs who find their way into such families truly live it out in style. Some people have teams of designers flown in just to have the right kind of dog house built for their true breeds. One such team is partners Lucy and Christopher Freville from Baltimore.
With lighting, heating, water proofing and what not, these designer dog houses are an entire apartment by themselves. Indoor dog houses can also be made those who own larger houses. If you have the money then the options are unlimited. All you have to do is approve the plan and accessories and you can sit back and watch your pet's dream home take shape.
You might be surprised to know that many people build dog houses as a decorative piece or to provide a pleasing look to their deserted yard. Some custom made dog houses are custom made with a large range of amenities that include internal and external lights, carpet flooring, and double paned windows. Some rich and famous love to give their pet's utmost luxury by providing AC or heater or even cooling fans to control the environment inside. So go ahead and give your indoor dog or your spoiled brat a controlled luxury dog house.

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