Friday, May 2, 2008

An update on Jack!

Well, we have now had Jack, a black lab, with us since Tuesday morning. He is really a good dog. He doesn't chew, dig, or bark! His only flaws are jumping when someone comes out the door which we are working with him on that and protecting a bone. The rawhide bone caused a fight between jack and our doxie, Copper so the bone is now gone. Everyone was getting along better until yesterday. We think that Copper started it, he went over to Jack's food bowl thinking he could steal some food since jack wasn't eating it. jack walked over to see what he was doing and the next thing I knew they were fighting. Now, when Jack went over his hair wasn't up and he wasn't growling. Copper has a tendancy to show his teeth and snap at Jack so I think his behavior is what started the fight. They get along again now. Copper tries to play with Jack by running behind him while playing fetch and playfully nipping at his legs but as soon as Jack turns around, Copper backs off. We are giving it a few more days to see if they will overcome they differences. Lou on the other hand is now friends with Jack and has no problems with him at all. The boys like to go out every morning and play fetch with jack before school. Jack also enjoys being in the house on a blanket by the door in the evenings while we are all relaxing and watching T.V., it is my understanding that he slept in the garage at his old home. So far so good. I will post photos soon so you can see what he looks like and I will keep you updated on the progress.

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