Thursday, June 26, 2008

How to Reward an Obedient Dog

Like humans, dogs also need to be rewarded for their obedient behavior. Some dogs prefer to be given food, while others prefer to be given toys to play with, while a tap on the back will be ok with some dogs. One needs to know what his/her dog likes.
Some of the ways to facilitate the training process of your dog are:
1. You can use food to treat your obedient dog. This works perfectly with virtually all dogs. Giving your dog his favourite food will make it behave well next time.
2. The use of your voice can be very helpful to the dog. You can use words like "Good boy" or any scintillating tune to cheer your dog up for an obedient behavior.
3. Use a particular phrase or command each time you want to stimulate your dog to do something. With consistent repetition of the phrase will make your dog master it, and it will increase the rate of its obedience.
Dogs like instant appreciation for a behavior well done. This inspires them and motivates them to do more. Further more, this type of rewards makes the relationship between you and your dog to be more cordial and powerful.
Positive reinforcement in dog training can be a powerful correctional tool relationship and should be utilized anytime that a dog is exhibiting the desired behavior. Dogs really respond to this type of dog training, as they are always excited for any type of positive interaction between them and their owner.
I believe this article was educative. I urge you to put these things into practice, and you will be surprised at how your dog will be more obedient to you.
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