Friday, June 27, 2008

How to Train Your Dog to Bring You the Newspaper in a Few Easy Steps - Fun!

Wouldn't it be nice to wake up in the morning, grab a cup of coffee, open the door and then have your dog bring your morning newspaper to you? I thought so. Not only is this a cute trick to teach your dog, but it's also a useful one. Don't worry about making your dog work too hard because your dog will be happy to fetch your paper for you. Dogs are always looking for something to do! It's pretty simple to do and doesn't take much time investment on your part to achieve results.
Assuming that your dog already knows how to retrieve, this trick shouldn't be a problem at all for you. If your dog doesn't know how to retrieve but likes to get things that you throw for him, you should be ok too. Let's assume that your dog already knows how to retrieve for the sake of the information needed for teaching your dog this particular trick.
First, what you'll need to do is take a small section of your daily paper and roll it up pretty tight and then tape it up with some kind of tape you have around the house so it can't become unrolled. With your dog watching, throw the paper for him and say "Bring Me The Paper." When he brings it back, praise him! You'll want to repeat that action at least a few times daily.
Next, start to let your dog bring you the paper you rolled up into the house from the outside. What you'll need to do is to start throwing your rolled up paper to wherever it is that your paperboy leaves your paper. Same thing, after you toss it, say "Bring Me The Paper." The difference this time is that you're letting him bring it into the house and familiarizing him with the spot where the paper will normally be. You'll also want to repeat that action at least a few times daily.
After your dog is familiar with the spot where the paper will normally be, start having him pick up the paper exactly how it is delivered meaning that if it's folded, or in a plastic bag, or however it is that your paper usually comes. Just make sure that your training paper is just like the real one will be. After you complete the above training steps, you should be ready to let your dog start bringing you your paper everyday! When you hear the paper delivered, you should be able to open the door and tell your dog the command "Bring Me The Paper." He should respond by going to the normal spot where you trained him to get the paper from, grabbing it, and bringing it into the house for you!
One thing you need to keep in mind is that if your dog likes to run away and your yard isn't fenced, you'll need to make sure you work on off-leash training with him before you start training him to grab the paper for you.
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