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Can You Help Homeless Pets?

Please help this cause by clicking on the link provided at the beginning of this article. Thank you for helping out!

by , Sep 18, 2008
It is easier than you think, you do not have to get out of your chair.

Well, actually you did, just by visiting this site! You see it is my goal to donate money to a local shelter every time somebody visits this site Okay, not literally "every time" will I be running to the shelter and giving them money. I will let it build up. Then once a month I will dazzle them with dollars. The money will not be given in my name, it will be given in honor of the visitors to this site. It is my intention to post how much accumulated from the previous month and post in the comments so you can see what the donation was, and I will let you know what shelter the money went to. More about that below, but first let me show you some drawings as a way to thank you for visiting, and to give you something worthwhile to share to others so they might come here and WE can donate even more to help the homeless pets.
In case you didn't guess, this is a bunny. When most people think of getting a pet rabbit they do not think of checking their local animal shelter. However, animal shelters do get rabbits relinquished into their care. Some shelters adopt the rabbits out with the same cage they came in for no extra cost than the adoption fee. Rabbits make good pets for somebody who does not have the time for a cat or dog. I actually find them more enjoyable than hamsters, they are less apt to bite, and sleep during the night.
Small breed pups, particularly of non-shedding breeds, like this Shih Tzu, are high in demand. One thing to note here is that you should never buy a pup from a pet store. Although they are cute, and might make excellent pets, the purchase of them condemns other dogs to live in squaller. Parent dogs are kept in small cages, breeding constantly to make more pups for the stores. Little regard is taken towards genetics or mental health, the goal is to produce as many pups as possible, for little expense. Most pet stores will deny using these sources, known as "Puppy Mills", but who else would sell to a pet store? Certainly not a reputable breeder. Occasionally shelters do get small breed pups, a person can leave their name on a waiting list or consider adopting an older small dog. Otherwise it is advisable to seek a reputable breeder if you are looking for a small breed puppy.
In most areas large breed adult dogs are the prevalent dog in the canine adoption facilities. Often people get them as cute pups but forget about socialization or training. The dog grows up, and is no longer cute, or manageable, and is then dumped at a shelter. This is not true of all shelter dogs. I worked in a shelter for several years, we did not put the unruly or unsafe ones up for adoption. Lots of really nice dogs were turned in simply because people were moving and could not take the dog with them. For people with children, a well socialized older dog is a smart choice.
CATS!!!! The number one thing in any animal shelter is bound to be cats. Many owners fail to spay or neuter their cats and allow them to roam uncontrolled. Owners often do not claim their lost feline, and sadly shelters are often overrun with strays. Old cats, young cats, big ones, small. Cats hold a soft spot in my heart. I currently own six. Two who were left behind by their previous owner, one whom we had from before we moved here (I had adopted her as an adult cat), and three rescues. The rescues were born wild and trapped and tamed them. Two are neutered and the third soon will be. Cats have the misfortune of being cats. One of my kitties, who has since passed away, was adopted from a shelter, the reason she was at the shelter was because her owners had her declawed, and after she was declawed she started to become a nervous biter, a common side effect from declawing. So basically she was unwanted because she was a cat. How many others are dumped for being cats? Probably thousands. Before adopting any pet, know what you are getting into.
Yes, sometimes shelters get horses, goats, pigs, lizards, and birds. You just have to ask.
Now back to the money. This site gets a tiny amount of money from advertisers every time somebody visits. Not enough to retire on, by any means, less than a cent per hit, but it will add up. You can see the date the site was published, sometime in Sept 2008, right? Well that means the first donation will be middle of October, or middle of November more likely. So keep a look out.
YES!!! I do donate my own money as well, in fact when I was better off financially I donated art works to shelters to use as fund raisers. Now I live in the middle of nowhere (in Canada), which is why I have not said which shelter I will donate to, depends which city I need to go to first. But I will let you know, you have nothing to loose, you spent no money while visiting this site did you? I asked for no donations.
I do hope you can spread this link around by what ever means you have, e-mail, Digg, Del.ici.ous, StumbleUpon, Reddit, or whatever else.
I have not tried this before. I hope it works. Remember I get less than a penny per hit, so it is going to take a lot of hits, but I have faith in the Internet animal lovers of the world. One more thing, please take the time to donate to your own local shelter if you can.

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