Thursday, September 18, 2008

Top 6 Dog Training Mistakes - Are You Making These Mistakes When Dog Training?

Dog training is really pretty easy, if you aren't making any of these mistakes. The mistakes made during dog training are usually a result of frustration or just being forgetful. Are you making any of these mistakes while trying to train your dog?
1. Using Different Cue or Command Words - When training your dog you should always use the same word or "cue" during training. The use of many different words can be confusing to your dog and he will not learn what it is you want from him.
2. Physically Punishing Your Dog During Dog Training - Do you hit or smack your dog when he or she doesn't do what you ask or does something unacceptable to you? Physically punishing your dog only causes your dog to either fear you or can cause your dog to become aggressive.
3. Yelling or Shouting During Training - If you are yelling or shouting at your dog while trying to train, you are defeating the purpose all together. You want your dog to obey your commands in your calm voice. By yelling, you are only going to cause confusion for your dog Always make your commands or cues in your normal, calm voice. Using different tones of your voice is not the same as yelling or shouting.
4. Training sessions lasting longer than 10 to 15 minutes - Your dog training sessions should only last from 10 to 15 minutes. Your dog will not continue to keep his or her attention on you for longer periods than this. You need the training sessions to be beneficial and thinking that your dog will pay full attention for long periods of time is like expecting a toddler to sit in one spot for more than 5 minutes.
5. Forgetting To Praise Or Treat Your Dog EVERY TIME he or she follows a command or acts appropriately - You have to remember to give your dog praise or a treat each and every time he or she follows a command or is acting in the manner you are expecting.
6. Training When In A Bad Mood - If you are trying to train your dog when you are in a bad mood, had a bad day or are not feeling well, your dog will not get the full benefit of your efforts and this can cause you aggravation. It can also confuse your dog Always wait to train your dog when you are in good spirits.
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